All prices included minimum 1 hour of photoshoot + professional retouch. 

Art portrait  (1-2 person)

Portrait - light art image with the expression on eyes, revealing the character and mood. And easy retro style will give it charm and soul

4 - 5  retouched digital photos   (full size)                                                                              3000 kr

Children/Family photoshoot         (inside/outside)                           

Photo - a little story, a moment of life, stored in the memory. Our life is fleeting, the days fly by for days, and sometimes just looking at the old pictures, we remember the various moments and our emotions ... happy, magic, and maybe a little sad, but still touching and loved ones. Family photographer - a man who will preserve your family history. He is the chronicler, is close by, collecting grains of your emotions and smiles, weekdays and holidays. Your meetings, walks, the first steps of the children, their pranks and games. 

7  retouched digital photos   (full size)                                                                                    4000 kr


Konfirmansjon - A special day of entry into adult life and the choice of faith. That day everyone is waiting and preparing, so to capture the event is so important.

7  retouched digital photos   (full size)                                                                                    4000 kr

Fashion photography 

Fashion photography - pictures where you open yourself and play new roles, try something bright and unusual. Preparations for filming carefully pondered ideas, looks, makeup, choose the place of shooting. Photo session lasts about 2 hours. At the end of shooting you will get a professional magazine retouching. Also you can be published in foreign magazines.

7  retouched digital photos   (full size)                                                                                    4200 kr


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